26 - 30 October, 2017.





Addis Ababa Exhibition Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA) is organizing the 10th Ethio-Chamber International Trade Fair from Oct. 26 - 30, 2017 at Addis Ababa Exhibition Center and Market Development Enterprise, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The overall objective is to contribute to the development of competitive industry and business sector mainly through the promotion of products and services. The Trade Fair is expected to bring together large number of manufacturers, importers, exporters, local and foreign companies supplying raw materials and technological inputs to local manufacturers, service giving enterprises and prospective buyers to one spot...

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10th Ethio-chamber International Trade Fair will provide your business with the opportunity to meet thousands of genuine manufactures, suppliers, buyers & service providers from the diverse and growing national industry, along with international visitors. 10th Ethio-chamber International Trade Fair brings together the best selection of products and technology that includes all segments of today's trends of global market. Though Ethiopia by itself is one of the biggest markets in Africa, major emphasis is being laid upon attracting traders and importers from neighboring countries and international market.

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10th Ethio-Chamber International Trade Fair Participants

Local Participants

1. 10 Day Belt General Trading Plc
2. Aarti Steel Plc
3. Abaderway International Business Plc
4. Abyssinia Integrated Steel Plc
5. Adami Tulu Pesticides Processing S.C.
6. Adeb Engineering & Trading Plc
7. Adulis House Hold & Office Furniture Work Plc
8. Agro-Vet Plc
9. Alemye Agricultural Investment Plc
10. Alphasol Modular Energy Plc
11. Ambasel Trading House
12. Amhara Regional State Investment Commission
13. Anbessa Shoe S.C.
14. Artmetal Engineering
15. Awash-Melkassa Aluminium Sulphate Sulphuric Acid S.C
16. Ayenew Berihun Fentie
17. B & C Aluminum Plc
18. B/G/R/S Investment Office
19. Bekom Metals Engineering Plc
20. Best Plastic Industry
21. Bethel Engineering Plc
22. Bgi Ethiopia
23. Biruh Tesfa Irrigation & Water Technology
24. Bishan Gari Purification Industries Plc
25. City Government Of Addis Ababa Industry Development Bureau
26. Classic Packaging
27. Dante Trade Assistant
28. Dashen Bank S.C.
29. Davis & Shirtliff Trading Ethiopia Plc
30. Dh Geda Trade & Industry Plc
31. Di Yuan Ceramics Plc
32. Easy Spirit Korem Shoe Factory
33. Electro Commercial S.C.
34. Electro Mecce Engineering Service
35. Elemtu Integrated Milk Industry S.C.
36. Eskedar Electric Plc
37. Ethio Agri-Ceft Plc
38. Ethio Leather Industry Plc
39. Ethio Telecom
40. Ethiopian Agricultural Business Corporation
41. Ethiopian Airlines
42. Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise
43. Ethiopian Intellectual Property 8 Participants
44. Ethiopian Trading Businesses Corporation
45. Excel Plastics Plc
46. Franco Impiumi Advanced Engineering Trading
47. Gast Solar Mechanics Plc
48. Geo Synthetics Industrial Works Plc
49. Gidebo Integrated Farm
50. Google Trading Plc
51. Honey & Wax Producers Associations
52. Kaleb Service Farmers House Plc
53. M & Y Business Investment Plc
54. Mathiwos Meba
55. Mdhan Gabion Fabrica
56. National Metrology Institute
57. National Veterinary Institute
58. Nib Candy Factory Plc
59. Nifas Silk Factory Plc
60. Niyo Polymers Manufacturing Plc
61. Nuta Stone Engineering Plc
62. Ocp S.A
63. Organization For Women In Self Employment
64. Oromia Agricultural Cooperatives Federation
65. Oromia Investment Commission
66. Oromia Pipe Factory Plc
67. Pankush Manufacturing Plc
68. Pramukh Agro Industries Plc
69. Probex Plc
70. Roda Business Group Plc
71. S/N/N/P/R/S Investment Commission
72. Saberom General Trade Work Plc
73. Selam Children Village Tsehay Roschli Industrial & Agricultural Eng.
74. Senmul Garment Plc
75. Shengya Machinery Engineering Plc
76. Sof Omer Marble & Teraze Plc
77. Somali Regional State Investment Agency
78. Sons Industries Plc
79. Tagrow Business Plc
80. Tebita Ambulance Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Service
81. Techno Z
82. Teka Egeno Memorial Trading & Industry
83. Tsehay Industry S.C Kaliti Metal Products Factory
84. Ty Wood Manufacturing Plc
85. Universal Plastic Factory Plc
86. Woubshet Tamiru & Friends Metal Works Partnership
87. Zahlaf Trading Plc

 Foreign Participants

88. Adam General Trading Llc
89. Al Nawras General Trading Llc
90. Axxon Limited
91. Eisa Bin Nasser Alserkal Group
92. Gulf Chemcial & Industrial Oils Co
93. Hashem Foods Industries
94. Jamea Al Anwar Trading Co Llc
95. Lohia Corporation
96. Montana Food Industries
97. Royal Food Group
98. Sajeeb Group
99. Abid Cloths
100. Alam Juicers
101. Aleem Slippers Works
102. Arreba Kitchenware
103. Ayyub Beauty Care
104. Junaid Health Care
105. Menna Electronics
106. Parvej Home Furnishegs
107. Rahat Ali Furnitures
108. Raja Foods
109. Rashid Home Furnishes
110. Shannu Bags
111. True World Home Appliances
112. Waseem Home Décor
113. Zoy Impex
114. National Industries Manufacturer & Exporters
115. Yara For Fair & Services Company Ltd
116. Ministry Of Trade
117. Khartoum State
118. Gaid Metal Forming Company Ltd
119. Alewia Group For Beauty
120. Gaid Tractor & Agricultural Equipment Co. Ltd
121. Confederation Generale Des Enterprises Du Maroc (Cgem)
122. Moroccan Federation Of Seafood Processing And Valorization Industries (Fnip)
123. Moroccan Exporters' Association (Asmex)
124. Bmce Bank Of Africa
125. To Be Continued…